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Saturday, August 11, 2012

How to Create a Drawing Canvas in Word 2007

For those who have to "draw" in Microsoft Office Word 2007this little tool can very much help you manage your "drawings" so that it won't go out of boundaries. Absolutely NO spanking required!

With three easy steps, and your good to go;

That's all folks!

You people "must" really keep on reading eh? Oh well. I'll translate the image above to words for you.


o    1
Open Microsoft Word 2007. Click "Insert" on the Ribbon, which is near the top left of the screen and to the right of "Home" on the Ribbon.
o    2
The Insert array of options appears on the Ribbon. Click on "Shapes," and at the bottom of the menu that drops down, click "New Drawing Canvas." A blue outline appears on your document page designating the outer boundaries of your Drawing Canvas.
o    3
Click "Insert" again. You can now insert pictures, tables, shapes, clip art, and other objects using the buttons along the top of the screen. These object will move freely about the Drawing Canvas when you click and drag them with your cursor.
Tips & Warnings
·     If you don't want the black border around the text box to show, right-click the line on the box, select "Format Text Box," and under the "Line" area set the colour to "No Colour."

OK now. That's it! Good luck on your "drawings", plans, proposals, thesis etc.. Hope this helps. 
Cheerio and salam!

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