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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Petikan dari akhbar(/tabloid?) KOSMO!, 26 ogos 2010, Dr. Ahmad Zaki berkata:
"..Sekiranya SKMM serius, kita memang ada kepakaran untuk membangunkan perisian untuk menyekat perkara ini.."

Excerp from the tabloid KOSMO!, 27 august 2010, Dr. Ahmad Zaki Said:
".. If the MCMC are serious(on internet filtering), we have the expertise to develop a software to prevent this matter.."end of translation (e.o.t.)

That article was publish, afaik, because of the on going internet fraud, recently about Tunkun Mahkota Johor, TMJ, incitation, and about the overwhelming pornsites and other "rotten" sites. From my previous article, i already mention about the un-seriousness of the goverment or any organiation that did not take this matter seriously. Like the doctor above said, it's not that dificult to filter the internet.

I'l simply explain how the internet can be filtered:

The request are filtered on the server side. Any request can be blocked using simple script or software(firewall) installed in the server. On a larger scale, the firewall is managed by the ISP. I know for certain that they already block a few sites. Why can't they block em all? The firewall block the access by looking up the keywords or i.p. in an already made list and the list can be updated frequently.

Like i told u people over and over again, it's dat simple. But then, after thinking for a hell lot of time, i sum1 1 know reminded me. The time they brought in the Internet, they should have that contract mumbo jumbo. and i thought maybe, juz maybe, they put a don't-block-everything clause in it. wtf, rite? Honestly, i dont think they have that clause bcoz i don't think they're that stupid. but thinking again, they're that stupid.

Thinking again, there may be another reason. the only ISP i know of that obey they government fully is TM. They're the one blocking sites that i know of. maybe if the started blocking all those unnecessary sites, they wont have any customer left. Juz another maybe..

It's hard to think without knowing all related knowledge. the contracts, the hidden agenda, the truth, the un-true, etc.. All i can say now is that my point is relevant and even supported by some Dr. as quoted above. It's not absolute, but it's for u all to think bout.

To close this topic, i present this image i just found out, cheers and peace be upon all.

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