"If you don't understand the message, it's not meant for you"
"If I'm wrong in any way, please correct me in any way"

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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Lips Sealed Shut

Are you familiar with this conversation;
"Stop arguing and just listen to what I said!"
"Why would I do that"
"Because I'm your parent
(or seniors) and I know what's best for you!"
"So you're implying that you're better than god?"
"I didn't say that! Now don't you smart-mouthed me young man"
"So you're implying that I'm smart?"
"Why is it so hard for me to talk to you? Why don't you just do what you're told?"
"Because you're not god and I'm not worshipping you."
Maybe the last line rarely comes out. Or maybe not. Such conversation are commons occurrence that involves parents, children, spouses, partners etc.. Like I mention in my previous post, people tends to dictates people. It's in their nature. But they can almost never explained it properly why are they like that. They don't know what they're doing and they expect us to follow them? That's totally absurd. What Einstein have to say about this?

He got the the point through. If you don't understand it, then you by definition are stupid. At least by my definition you are. Maybe you got another words for that, but it doesn't matter. What matter is that why should we blindly follow the one who is "blind"?

What can you tell me about the blind leading the blind? The blind may lead the blind to a certain point but it's not practical. It, would not even be considered an option unless there are no other options. And what's more is that when the following blind started to see, and try to convince the blind leader that he/she can see, only to be told by the blind leader that he/she is a fool. He/she is still blind so keep following him. How can he/she convince the blind "leader" that the "leader" has been blind for his whole life and he/she can help him see simply by opening his eyes? Should we force his eyes to open? Will it be better for him? Or simply let his eyes close and let him stray "happily" blinded? Like they say;
"Ignorance is Bliss"
The truth really hurts. I can generally put it that if it doesn't hurt, it's not the truth. Life is never easy. It's a test. It wouldn't be a test if it's easy right? Well, it can be easy if you are prepared of some sort. Just like the public exams, professionals exams etc.. The test of life is basically the same. You need a guide of some sort. And for me, the only true guide is the GOD. Einstein believes in god. Do you? Well, let's us hear more from Einstein;

Well, that's most probably true. People using people. I think I read about it somewhere before. Oh well. Let me quote a smart phrase from Eddie Griffin;
"It doesn't matter who the messenger is, did you get the message?" 
-Eddie Griffin
That can't be further from the truth. People keep fighting "in the name of religion". Shit! They didn't even know or fully understand their religion. If they truly get the messages, people would not be doing anything. people will only be kept thinking. People will become smarter and smarter but keep feeling stupider. But that is not what GOD intended. What happens is what GOD intended. GOD want "stupid" people to exist to feed the "smart" people and GOD want the "smart" people to keep teaching the "stupid" people. Or else we got nothing to do in this world and it wouldn't be fun. Maybe next time I'll tell you the boring story of being an angel or demon. But that's for next time.

Until next time, salam.

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