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Saturday, October 13, 2012

To Do Or Not To Do

Long time no see, my friend. Today is another day that I decided to babble. Actually, it was yesterday. Was going to tell y'all a story about Tom, Dick and Harry. It's funny to think about it. But scrap that.

Now back to today. "To Do Or Not To Do", that is the question that has been running through your mind, and mine, and all the living human beings (and aliens) in the worlds, every day and night, every flee or flight, every rain or drought, every running thought. What's your response to that?
Do? Not Do? Do not do? Think about it. Nah, Just do it! Wow, wait! What else? We have to think first, or there will be consequences. Will thinking rid of all consequences? Nope? Why we need to think then?
Is that what have you been facing everyday? It's what I've been facing and it's suck. I need guidance. And I got it. You got it too right? It's called, "The Book". Some call it the bible, some call it the Quran, some call it the Torah, some call it the hadith and some call it, "The self motivation book - How to decide", or such others. And I believe whatever kind of book that you are using, it's from the GOD. Heck, everything is from GOD. And he knows that humans can't help doing anything without any guidance, instruction manual, so he helps us to create books. Even such as, "The Art of War", "Mein Kampf" or whatever the book wrote by Karl Marx is titled. That what actually keep the human worlds spinning.

If we were to be without book(any reading materials), we would be stuck in purgatory, stuck in the "Barzakh". We can't decide anything. So, if you actually feel the needs to do something, but you can't stop thinking what to do, when to do.. Read a book! Then you can actually move your fat asses about. You can then do the laundry, eat, sleep, take over the world!! Hitler manage to try to do that last bit by reading books. Yeah, that's a true story, parents! And governments!

Owh.. That's not the book that you told us to read? Then which book should be read? The book you want us to go to? To do what you want us to do? The newspaper? Your Newspaper? Nah! I want to do what I want to do. What I want to do? Be righteous! I choose you, "God's Book". But wait? Which is it again the book/books from the GOD? All of em? Owh well. Let's just do it! Do what? Do it!

That's what I concluded. With God's permission, if you want to do something, just do it! If you don't want to do anything, keep thinking! But remember, you must be held responsible for what you do. Can we ever stop thinking? Just do it! Why should we ever do anything anyway? Just do it! I think I should end my post now. Just do it!

Get it? I said I think I should stop posting. and I did not stop. But if I just do it.

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