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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Streamyx Account Retrieval Tutorial - Uploaded

by : YOU!

Hi all,

As I mentioned before, I would not tend to individual request to acquire Streamyx login passwords. But I will still however distribute my tutorial on how to acquire it. Please refrain from requesting anymore password. Please download it here.

Step by step tutorial with images and pointers

Before you are trying to use the passwords, please make sure of the following;

  1. You are a resident of Malaysia.
  2. You have a DSL subscription. Your modem DSL/ADSL led will turn green if you do have it. If not, please contact TM.

The account/password may not work for the following reason;

  1. The owner have changed the password.
  2. The account is being used. If you're lucky, the account is capable of multiple logon.
  3. The account have been frozen/terminated.

It'll be better if you learn to acquire the accounts yourself once you have Streamyx internet. It's easier and more convenient. I wont be posting new accounts.


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