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Monday, October 15, 2012

Points to Ponder

Just surfing my life away through the world wide wibe just to stumble upon a comment that makes me wanna give it a +1. Skip the quotes to go straight to the points;

Anonymous said...
SAA said "...may I suggest that the readers ask those supposedly in the know to explain..."

Muslims (most!, not all, OK) don't read the Quran because they have delegated this responsibility to the "ustaz/ustazah". Nowadays tak payah susah2, nak tahu hukum-hakam, tanya uztad saja. Lama2 ustad pun naik syok, lalu mereka cakap, kalau belajar dari buku, maknanya belajar dari setan.

Kemudian, ustad pun terabur2 cakap arab, maka keluarlah perkataan2 ganjil seperti "asbabul nuzul". Yang mendengar pun terangguk2, dalam hati kata, "hebat betul ustad ni, pandai cakap arab". Angguk2, tapi habuk pun tak paham. Last2, ustad kata haram, dia pun kata haram.

Tau cakap arab sini sikit, sana sikit, sudah boleh temberang dah. Takda sapa berani chelen (challenge), takut nanti kena label kufur, sesat, songsang, macam2 lagi label.

Inilah hakikatnya masyarakat melayu (islam) sekarang ni. Ever wonder why malays (islam) jarang membaca? Sebab tak perlu lagi tuntut ilmu. Semua ilmu dah ada pada ustad. Selagi ikut cakap ustad, selamat dunia akhirat.



Here is the points from the above quote;

  1. Most muslim don't read the quran because they thought it is best for the "ustaz/ustazah"(commonly used by Malays to indicates religious teachers rather than the literal definition, "teacher") to study it on their behalf. I should just ask someone else to study and take the exams for me.
  2. People got lazy and decided to only ask the "ustaz/ustazah" about the content of quran. Can somebody point me the way to heaven?
  3. The "ustaz/ustazah" lose head thus then preach, "If you learn the quran from books(without the proper teachings from islamic scholars), then you're learning from the Satan. I wonder if I can be the master of deceiver and dominate mankinds if I can have Satan as my teacher... Nah, I'll just go seek the politicians.
  4. The arabic words that spurs out from the mouth of the "ustaz/ustazah" mesmerized the audiences especially when the audiences didn't understand one bit. Then the audience follows what the "ustaz/ustazah" dictates; not what Allah dictates. أنا جوعان - Ana Jaw'aan, أنا عطشان - Ana 'atshan
  5. People are afraid to be labelled such as, "kafir"(disbeliever), lost, inverted, etc. Not realising that we are being labelled every second by every other.
  6. Muslims nowadays rarely read beacause they can ask the "ustaz/ustazah" if they seek answers. Muslims only needs to "follow" the "ustaz/ustazah" to be kept safe now and in the hereafter. If only it were that simple.
That's all folks. Something to ponder. Till next time, Salam.

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