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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tom, Dick and Harry

Once upon a time, there are these three good friends;

Tom, Dick and Harry. <=click the link to get to know more about them!

They went to school together and they seems like such good friends. When they finished school, they went their own separate way. Time passed by, and now they're all grown up. They met again at a batch reunion party. They found and greeted each other.

"Hey there, Tom, Harry!", cried Dick "It's great seeing you guys here."

"Hey Dick!" Tom and Harry replied back. "Good to see you too!"

"What have you guys been up to?", asked Dick.

"Nothing much", said Harry. "I'm working for the government now. Doing a little "this" and "that" in for the ministers in the ministries. You're a minister too now right, Dick? So somehow, I'm actually working for you"

"Owh! I didn't realize that", replied Dick. "Got a lot of people working for me, can't actually recognize anyone. Hahaha.."

"I think you're being a little bit insensitive, Dick", Tom replied with his thought of the moment.

"Oh, come on! You know I'm just kidding right, Harry?" Dick asked Harry while patting Harry's back.

"Yes sir, you do! Hahaha.." Harry responded awkwardly  even though his expression shows that he is actually hurt by that remark.

"Dick is being like such a huge "dick", and Harry is such a "pussy"", Tom putting his thought alone in his head.

"Who are you working for, Tom? What's your line of duty?" Dick asked Tom.

Tom started thinking, "What should I tell these guys? And yeah, who do I work for? Can what I do be actually called working?"

"Tom?", Harry interrupting Tom train of thoughts.

"Oh. Yes. I haven't decided yet. So I just do a little bit of "this" and "that" just to keep my stomach filled just about enough.", responded Tom.

"Well, maybe we can help you figured out then.", said Harry. "Right Dick?"

"Sure!", claimed Dick. "You're a very smart guy. But you tend to think a lot. We need guys like you amongst us. Come work with me.", Dick offered.

"Can I pitched in too?", Harry interrupted.

"No you can't, Harry. You just don't fit the profile.", claimed Dick.

"Owh, ok then.", Harry replied, feeling down more than ever.

"I think it would not be preferable for me to work with you, Dick" replied Tom.

"Oh, come on Harry! Guys like you are rare this days.. Or any days." Dick responded.

"I'll think about it.", Tom responded back.

"You're always thinking Tom, and I know you're damn good at it. But now is the time to do "stuff".", said Dick.

"Time is irrelevant.", claimed Tom. "But I'll seek you when I have decided".

"Maybe you would prefer working with me. Got an opening in my department. It'll be like old times", said Harry.

"I'll think about it too, Harry. I'm sure it'll be fun." replied Tom.

"He won't want to be working with you and like you, Harry", claimed Dick. "He'll work with me for sure. Who doesn't want power and wealth?"

"I think I do not want that, Dick. At least not "that" much. And I also think that I do not want to work for some "dick" and have to suck it up every time like a "pussy", Harry. No offence.", responded Tom.

"Well look at the time", said Dick. "I'm running late. I'm such a busy man. Hahahaha.. Here's my card, Tom. Call me when you've stop thinking. See ya, guys!". So off he went somewhere only Dick knows.

"Why Dick said that I'm not fitting "the profile" Tom? Harry asked Tom. "I got good grades, good morality, and I'm such an obedient worker. At least that's what people keeps telling me. And my school grades are better than both of you. I work hard each and every time."

"You really wanna know what you have already know, Harry?" Tom replied.

"What do you mean by that? I don't know! I'd be like you or Dick if I know." answered Harry. "Please do tell me. Shed me some light on this matter."

"Oh well. Let me "show" it to you", Tom replied.
"You said that you do as you're told, you're hardworking and you're smart, right? And all that adds up to you becoming who you are right now, right? And then, Dick is being a total "dick" from the first time we know him till now and that's all adds up to him being your boss right?"
"Yes, and..?", Harry responded.

"You really are in denial aren't you?, said Tom.

"I still don't understand", Harry responded again.

Tom replied,
"I think that you will stay as you are until you prepare to accept what you already knows. So accept it. Until you have learn to accept, time is relevant for you, and so is everything else that is dependant on it."
 "You're not helping at all, Tom", said Harry.

"Only you can help yourself.. with GOD permission, of course!", Tom responded.

"Well, goodnight then. I've got lots of "dicks" to tends to tomorrow.", said Harry as he goes back to the place he familiarized to seek the comfort that can never be found.

"Thank GOD for keeping the states of the "dicks" and "pussies" as it is, for that is the way I can keep my belly filled sufficiently. No more, no less.", Tom thinking all alone.
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