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Friday, October 5, 2012


How can anyone decide this? Are you smart? Am I stupid? What is smart? Everybody is stupid? Why should anyone decide? Simple actually. I am going to tell you every last bit. Bear with me.

The reason for this labels is not because to show that you are actually smart or stupid. It's to group you in the society that you live in. You can never actually rank a person intelligence because you can never know what intel a person have. The more intel you have, the more you want to keep it for yourself right? To gain superiority among other people. And the more others don't know about you, the more afraid they will be. That's just plain human. We like to dictates people. We have the tendency to be a "dick" -tator. You, me and every living human on this tiny planet called earth.

Are you willing to call the "smart-ass" above just that or you would call him smart? He answers brilliantly in my opinion. But most people in my country would called it "loyar buruk" or simply what english speaking person would say, "smart-ass". Why he got an "F"? Because he did not comply with the standards that the society compels him to. Why with the standards? So that people can be ranked in the society? And who got the highest rank in the society? The people that never even have to undergoes the test itself. They just came into your life, tell you what to do, and do it for them. And they always say, "We care". Fuck that! The only things that people do actually, or to put it more precisely, can only do, is care about themselves. Seriously. We can not care about others more, or we will be dead. But even the people who opted death for others(martyr) actually cares about themselves more. They just don't want to face more problems living.

So, should you be "smart"? Get aces on all subjects, degree, phd? You should, if you want to always be dictated and stay at the bottom of the food chain. Or you can be the "dick" that took everything and keep convincing people that they care. So the option is actually goes like this;
Are you going to be a "dick" or a "pussy"?
Or are there more than that? Like I always said;
There is always more 
-Ammar Zufar 
You can opt to think, and do nothing. That's what all the thinkers do throughout the history. They always think and rambles about their opinions and knowledge(and do nothing), and the "pussies" have to learn everything about it, and the "dicks" always get what they want by manipulating these said "pussies". And you are going to stop reading because I'm being vulgar. Fuck that! They're just words and expression. And I'm just relaying my emotion. And that's art! Anyway, are you actually thinking that just because you are not "smart", you are stupid? Or are you the guy who thinks that you're too smart and everyone else is stupid? I don't care. But you should care if you want to continue living. And that's that. Just simply thinking doesn't make you smart, it'll just make you feel stupider. Because the more you think, the more you realize that there's more that you do not know. How can anybody be smart?

Till next time, salam.

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