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Friday, September 19, 2008

darwin's got it right?

4 some reason, i dun wna believe dat humans are made of monkeys. only monkeys believe dat. monkeys needs hope 2.juz let em hav some.humans do hav d monkeys traits, butwho cares? aligators hav soups trait, people lik em"snappy".

**the reason i tried 2 memorise the theory of evolution isbcoz i nd an A 4 my SPM bio ppr. wel, dats ovr now, n ido got n A btw..**

4rm my experience, i knw dat ther mite b sum truth boutevolution.n its al in dat head of u and i. 4 sum reason,these unique bodies of us, can b build up to our likings,by d head(the brains actualy). if 4 sum reason u think urnot cool, ur ugly, ur d type dat ppl dun c(or dun wna c),in most cases, u made urslv lik talking bout d normal and average people here. you wnt nice boobs, tight ass, muscular body..? u name it. wel, its not simple as playin games or lik in d muvis, but its realy is true and can work wonders. say 4 instance, dat ur such a nice lilmommy's gurl, n u thnk dat shes ther wheneva u nd her, and ur daddy cute lil gurl 2, can protect u 4rm ny threats.. y d hell u nd muscles 4? or y wud u nd a killer insticnt? 2 make it simple, u dun cook bcoz u hav a cook or/and u juz order, y u nd 2 own d cukin utensils? u dun even nd 2 learn cukin!

whn ur body thnk its not necessary, it wont equip urslv with it. n in most cases, d body rids of d useless thing. dats y, d boy-wnabe gurls, dun hav boobies n d gurl-wnabe boys may hav it. u can make plane from aluminium or u can made it out of papers, it stil flies. thats how ur head works 2, u nd it, u get it.

d main point here is, if u wna hav smthn dat u thnk is gud 4 u, think bout it.. and make sur u realy wnt it!!

"thers nva was any wrong choices if u nva regret d choices u made.." -ammar zufar

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