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Saturday, October 18, 2008

the gods plan..

in todays hectic world wher evrythn is computerised n fast n we hav 2 pick up d paces n forced to join in d race, we shud realy find a pitstop to lay low a while n think.. y r ther al sorts of wrongs in this pretty old world of ours? wher do d wrongs comes 4rm? is d wrongs brand new or is it ther whn d world started spining? can anybdy answer dat questions?

we(people) thinks dat we r now mor civilised, mor mature, mor complete, mor perfect.. y do we think lik dat? how we know dat? is it realy true dat we r lik wut we think we r? one simple reason y we can hav dat thinkn. we planned, we plan, n we'r planning.. n as evrythn is goin according to plan(we thinkd), we can hav dat kinda thnkn. but r wut we thnk is wuts reality is? i dun thnk so.. y r ther bad people out ther? y r ther sins? y r ther ppl who stab others in d back while putting a great big smile? y r al these hapenin? is dis also wut we planned? i dont think nybdy wna admit dat its ther plan, nbdy sane nuf of course..

i wud lik to take our eyz to a microscopic view. 2 luk at d world, to knw it, is by to luk within the core. who made d plan? people. wher do people come from? their parent. wher theyr parent come from? the parents parent. and it can go on n on until thers no mor parents in dis world. i wna elaborate mor bout y i choose parent s d source of corupting d world, but dat'l b another story. i dun hate parents, i juz hate how they do things..

parents r also ppl. dat is a fact dat cant b denied. theyr juz plain human beings. n s a human, same lik any other ppl, they plan. they plan and they plan n they plan.. they thnk dat thy can think up of plans to raise their kids to b a perfect human being, n s long s d kids follow d plans, theyl b a perfect human being. but ppl tends 2 4gt d most important thing, nobody's perfect. nbdy can b absolutely perfect. but thn again, wut's perfect? define perfect. show me wut's perfect. is havin a good healthy body is perfect? is havin good sexy body perfect? is geting 4.0 cgpa perfect? is getting rich perfect? there sacks of "wut is perfect?" question i can throw at u all, n i can get a whole lot mor answer to dat 4rm al d dif kinds of ppl, n yet, not evrybdy can agrees on which one is "perfect". u cant b perfect if u cant clearly n unitedly define perfect. hence, nbdys perfct.

back 2 d parents n their plans.. is it wrong 4 d parents to make plans? n lead their child to follow their plans? til wut age is rite to let their children dcd their own plans? is 18 old nuf? is 21? statisticaly says its mor or les around dat age.. n i knw dat statistic normal ditribution graph is also bell-shaped. dat means, its not 18, not 21, not any age is truly correct. thers also a 4yrs old on d graph, also a 40. dat cant b denied. wher r ur children situated? u duno. we dno. nbdy knws 4 sur. n if thy cant b sur about dat, how can thy b sur thyr plan is rite? how can thy b sur dat thyr children is "grown up" or juz "groan up"? how can thy even hav a plan with uncertainties? ther r a lot of variables to take into account. so many things to think bout, so many things to do..and even if we do al d thing we can, we can nva come up with n absolute plan. nva..


is ther eva any gud plans? is ther eva any certain or absolute plans? yes ther is. its gods plans.y his plan is absolute? bcoz he's sure. he's certain. he knws al d variables cuz he's d one makin it al.. n yet, wer stil reluctant to follow gods plans. dont blame d kids 4 not followin ur plans s ur not following a direct order 4rm d superior-to-all. y r we so stubborn? 2 al d believers, wut do u realy believeS? r ur plans evrythn? 4 example, 2 parent who wun wna let theyr kids hav unplanned sex at early age, wna avoid abortion n such. abortion is cruel u knw? pregnant is painful n al.. y do d mother(parent) gt prgnant n givs out d child? is d child a mistake? whn their children wna hav sex, juz mary em. its lik whn theyr kids is young, lil cute kiddies, thy wnt a bike, u gav em rite? n thy learn.. to let ppl learn bout responsibilities is to giv them responsibilities. theyr no other ways better to learn it. i didnt say juz let d child do wut thy lik. i said, teach them resposibilities by givin them responsibilities, n help em with it. giv d bike a push..

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