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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Who wna b a surgeon?

While i was browsing for flash games on d net, i stumbled upon dis realy cool flash. in fact, its flashes, cuz its 2 flash game. theyr realy not lik a game tho, more like a simulator. a surgery sim. one is a heart surgery sim, one is d knee surgery. im stil lukin 4 mor. realy hope thy got mor. so cool n interactive. i didnt take note wher i downloaded this game tho. 4gt cuz im very in2 d game. lol.. its quite easy so im alrdy done with both. google em. its worth d time..


honey said...
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Anonymous said...

mane nak download game nie??

i said...

google 4 d games name. klau dak w.ulu, pm aku kt skyp or ug..

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