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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Cheat Engine 5.4

Well.. this is d tool of d trade 4 gamers like me. If u can control dis, u can control evrythin.. hahaha.. ur wut people wud say, "God", in games..this program is actualy a hex editing program. a tool developed so that u can find, modify, create, edit values in a program. in simpler words, if u hav 245hp value in a game, u can change dat to 999 or juz simply freeze dat value so u wont die, eva.!!
haha.. there's stil lots mor than juz dat. up 2 u, how u use it. "a book can giv u knowledge, make u smart.. but, in a maniac hand, he can bash u 2 death!". dats my line.. lol.. i got proof 2 dat. eva play Ragnarok Online aka RO? Books is d priest's weapons. Wuteva it is, juz kp ur mind open 2 d world of unlimited posibilities. oh, n btw, i juz rmmbr, dis tool can b use on onlime game 2. gambate..

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