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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Adobe Photoshop CS3

This cool program i use alot. u can make things.. lotsof things. the unexplaind, unimaginable things.. n d best thing, it can make ppl believe in smthn dat do not exist. lol.. wel.. i dun do dat kinda stufz. wel myb, juz sumtimes.. i lik photo editing. i did dis picture of a friend of mine. he nva go to "god's house" cuz he's an atheist. so, i use dat tool to make him apeared ther. lol .. he's ok with it. 4 u ppl outher, bcreful nt 2 hurt nybdy's feelin. i actualy use dis program a lot to create stufz in minilife. n dat stufz sells. i got $7M+ minibucks in juz few short months. and of course with d help of another program. tel u al bout it nx time..

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honey said...

wow,ur posts r mostly informative n useful.keep it up..=)

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