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Sunday, August 17, 2008


Metal is mostly cool, hard n ductile.. but whn is treated 2 a cold environment, it'l become brittle and weak.. If d metal is 2 b mate(alloy) with d rite partner, itl hav higher strenght, higher creep resistance, and mor durable.. eventho it hav high strength, its very sensitive. juz giv it a crack(notch), itl break easily. itl lose al d great strenght. most of d times, metals r perceived s very strong n tolerable, high endurance.. ppl alwz 4gt 2 c its inside, wut gav d metals it resistance 2 ultimate stress. d lil thing dat make d metal so big n strong, so mighty. its microstructure play d most impotant part. 4rm d birth of d metal in d furnace. 4rm d growth of the metal nuclei... its heated carefully at a specific temp, n cooled down at dif temp 2 giv dif kinds of metals 4 dif purposes. its omnipotent. if u raise d metal 4 dis gud purposes, dun tke him 2 settle other work dats not wut it's raise 2 do.. 2 fix a broken metal, is 2 melt it 2 its microstructure, n raise it again, cast it again lik u wnt it, tampered it so nicely. dats d only way. so,nva neglect d fact dat d microstuctures of d metal is d metal true life support.. its d heart of d metal. dats d place 2 luk at 1st..

Picture of a mild steel after tensile test magnified 2000X using s.e.m

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honey said...

wow..really great writing.i actually can relate all those 2 sumbdy who has really great strength but very sensitive n it took me years 2 understand

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