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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Harlem Shake!

Don't do the Harlem Shake anymore. Sick of it. Funny, but sickening still. Back on topic. Today is the day the Parliament has been disbanded(in Malaysia of course!) . So just to prove my love for my country, I'm going to write a little something about it. I have concluded it all here. So now, I just want to elaborate more on the quotation that I gave there.

From the;

I just want to comment on the 15th ayat of the particular surah which state that:
Whoever is guided is only guided for his soul. And whoever errs only errs against it. And no bearer of burdens will bear the burden of another. And never would We punish until We sent a messenger.
From my experience, the word "soul" in this context is referring to the current personality state that we are in, or in other word, our current consciousness. And the "guidance" that is bestowed upon it, is specifically upon it. And thus, the responsibilities of the "guidance" that it bear is specifically for it. And whoever that is relinquished from the "guidance" shall not be held responsible for their lack of "guidance". In layman's words, stupid people is stupid and only does stupid stuff, while the smarties will do "smartstuff".

It continues to state that no bearer of burden will bear the burden of another. The verse is very clear but most can still fail to interpret it properly. So, here goes my interpretation. I'll start by giving an example;

  1. 1kg burden has been assigned to "donkey A" by the manager.
  2. A "stupid" loader(worker) failed to understand the assignment load the 1kg burden onto "donkey B".
Whose burden is the 1kg load is? Most of the people would simply say that if it is assigned to "donkey A" it is it's burden.

But hey! The burden is carried by "donkey B". So "donkey B" is the carrier of the burden. Thus, effectively the burden of 1kg is actually  "donkey B"'s burden. Plain and simple. That is what it meant that you can't carry others load or burden. Even if the manager had assigned the load to "donkey A", god already assigned the load to "donkey B", so only "B" can owned it and lift it.

So, to put that in use within our community, when you are doing something for "someone", that is "your" job, and not that "someone's" job. Name it "load", "burden", "loan" etc., if you feel pain for it, be proud to say it's yours.

And the verse continue, "We will never punish until we sent a messenger..". Most people will translate that the "rasool" or messenger is the one of the many prophets. They may be right. But is it only limited to that? If the postman deliver a letter to you, isn't he a messenger? Your cellphone(sms/chat apps/call)? Isn't your friends or family that warns you about anything not a messenger? I don't really care about the facts laid down by people much, but if I'm guided to do something, it is a guidance from god(whoever the messenger is). Like Eddie Griffins said once;
It doesn't matter whose the messenger is, did you get the message?

So with that said, when you consciously realized that you are being punished, know that you have been warned!

So on with the next verse[];

And those who disbelieve say to those who believe, "Follow our way, and we will carry your sins." But they will not carry anything of their sins. Indeed, they are liars. But they will surely carry their [own] burdens and [other] burdens along with their burdens, and they will surely be questioned on the Day of Resurrection about what they used to invent.
The verses of the Quran is then again, clear and sufficient. But it is God who made the "Ghaib", well, "Ghaib". The above verses mentioned of three factions that is relevant to my current discussion. The "believer", the "unbeliever" and the "(stupid-ass-ignorant)follower". Mind my emotion, if you may(I don't care if you don't). You all have your own sets of beliefs, right? Then come this "Mr. Right" trying to convince you that you are in the wrong, follow him and everything's going to be alright. You won't be alright if you are still following. Why would you need to follow others when God is actually is very close to you;
And We have already created man and know what his soul whispers to him, and We are closer to him than [his] jugular vein. 

Follow God for it is only He that can steer you away from mistakes (such as making loans when you don't need any). Yes. Indeed they are all liars. Are you still surprised? Human lie(a lot).

And finally come to the part of the verse that is very clear still but many are confused with;
But they will surely carry their [own] burdens and [other] burdens along with their burdens

Many people are mistaken to say that this verse contradict the earlier verse above when god says that no bearer of burden shall carry other's burden when in fact that this verse simply reinforced the verse mentioned.

Like I have explained earlier, when someone carry other burden, that burden is theirs. that is self explanatory. But it doesn't stated in the verse above that "they" will carry "other's" burden, it says "other" burden, if you may please notice the "'s" is missing. Meaning that that "they" will carry an "unassigned" burden, not the burden of others. So effectively, "carry own burden". So with that said, I think I've carried my burden enough, for now, now you all can carry on carry your own burden.

BTW, if you don't understand why I named this post "Harlem Shake", other than trying to net in the tag's popularity, the worlds is actually like that harlem shake, one minute you see someone act "crazy", the next minute you realize that everybody's crazy, including yourselves.

Good luck and salam.
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