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"If I'm wrong in any way, please correct me in any way"

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Thursday, October 25, 2012


"Who's your daddy? Who owns you? Who are you?"
You can answer these question in any way you want by whatever means you perceive it to be but you ought to know the truth, you own yourselves(with GOD's permission). And what do I mean by that? Ever wonder why you always feels so stressed up and restrained? What's with all the permissions and rules and regulation? Why are you a citizen? Why can't you kill? Why do you need to pay the taxes? Seriously, 110km/h on the highway?

All these things that binds your senses of living and humanity. You are not a human! Ye are not men! You are slaves. You are slaves on every level. The kings, the presidents, the ministers, the empire, the media, the society, etc.. And they actually use the terms, "government servant", and you all agree? Why? When you are a slave, you don't have ownership to anything, not even your own soul.

Remember the pledges that your government made you take? Everyday you're saying it. Especially when you're at school, at the ministries, in the armies, etc.. You are actually selling your soul to the owner of that particular nation. Revise your pledges. You're thinking like, "Owh, it's metaphorical." or "Nah, it's just political or patriotical". Maybe it is. Maybe.

I don't care what you do with your own lives. I just oppose ignorance. I was ignorant too. And I'm still ignorant to other matters. And I hate it. I hate being in ignorance with all the souls that I have. But when I'm out of my ignorance, I hate knowing that I know. It's a terrible, agonizing, irony. people says it's better to know than not knowing. Well, they're just plain wrong. It's the same. Everything you do/not do, whether you know about your involvements or not, it wouldn't change anything much. What changes are the "colors" or "flavors", but the objects remain the same. What hurt you still hurt, but in a different way. You are predestined to do things that you feel you have the power over it, when you actually don't.

So if what I'm telling you is true, that whatever we do, we can't change anything much, can't change our destiny, why I'm still buzzing on this topic? To simply put it, do you want to be hurtful slaves or hurtful kings? Choose your "flavor". My personal opinion is that we all have equal opportunity in this world to be leaders, but most of us opt to be slaves. Why is that? Why are you still slaving around doing chores for others? Are you happy doing works for others? Don't you feel like we should carry our own burdens? Don't you ever think like, "Let the animal carry that burden for us!", or you actually feels contented being the "animal"? Come on, you fat-bellied pigs! Once you have outdone your usefulness, they'll just replace you with another "fat-bellied pigs". And what's the use of pigs again?

Be free. Do what you want. Do what you like. If you love eating "shit" till you're fat full of "shit" and waiting to be "slaughtered", then by GOD, just keep doing that. If not, do anything else. Keep trying to find the "love" of your life. I do love experiences and knowledge. My target is to gain GOD's knowledge(all of it). What's yours? You think I'm being ridiculous? My goal is impossible? Well, let us have a little thought. If I believe in GOD, and GOD is ad infinitum, and GOD can give anything ad infinitum, can't I have all HIS knowledge? I'm just "F"-ing curious! I need to know everything. What are your needs? What do you want? What is your passion, your "love".

There are more to this live than going to school, getting a diploma/degree and having an occupation. You look down on  the "hobos"? Do you know that the "hobos" are looking down on you? You don't have to feel high and mighty, but you can, if you want. You're always something to somebody and nothing to somebody else. Be wise.. or stupid, or ignorant.. I just hate ignorance and I hate killings.

Enough babbling for this moment. Till next time, salam.
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