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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Resistance - Fall of Man

As expected. It's such an irony the title of this 'imaginary' game is actually a reality that is mirrored through. 'Resistance' is actually the reason why men fall. We men(human) tends to resist changes in life. We always goes through hardship and adapt to a life that we think is absolutely real. But we always adapt. We just don't want to face the hardship over and over again. We settle with familiarity. Who cares about the truth, right?

Wrong! I care. And so does a lot others like me, facing challenge everyday, resistance! Life is full of irony. Resistance, the fall of man, and the rise of man. When one pushes you, either you submit and fall, or you pushes back. Accept their thoughts and idea, or create your own ideals! We don't live in the same world;

Surat Al-Fātiĥah (The Opener) - سورة الفاتحة

Sahih International
praise is to Allah , Lord of the worlds.

The verse above clearly shows that there are more than one world. But muslim scholars and their followers always tends to believe the worlds mentioned consist only of the this commonly accepted world(the earth, other planet, physics, you and me etc.), the worlds of the angel/djinns/devil/etc. and the hearafter(heaven/hell/etc.) and these worlds are separated by the barzakh which literally means border/boundaries. From my learning and experiences, there are more to that.

There are always more, keep that in mind or stay in the stone age! 

The world the you live in and that of mine and that of each and every living creatures are different. Why can I see you and you can see me? The real question is, "Can you actually see me?, Hear me? know me? Understand me?". I can say things that you don't understand, even if the communication takes place in the standard English language with perfect grammar and vocabulary. To simply put it, we don't live in the same world, but, our worlds tend to collides every now and then. Even if we look at the same object, we can give different descriptions. People says we have different perspectives. It's true. But why our perspectives  are different? We don't live in the same world! We have our own world. If we collide it gently, we'll probably be okay as the worlds can slowly assimilate. But if we ram at full speed? Either of our worlds can get damage, or even be utterly destroyed. People tends to use the word 'Heart', but it's actually 'world'. Doesn't matter, it's just a matter of definition.

People tends to quarrel over what they say is understanding and teachings, but most of the times, it's just languages/definition/'way of saying things'(perspectives). Like an Arab says, "samawatiwalardh" and a Malay says, "langit dan bumi" and the English speaker says "heaven and the earth" and so on.

That reminds me of an event earlier today. Someone publicly ask me to stop the posting about the religious stuff in my blog! Like I posted before, there's another unbeliever for me. And a resistance, and an ignorant.  He said (yes, 'he'), I should not do what I do because I lack the learning and understanding from the teachers/gurus/ulama'/etc. And I told him, "GOD ALLAH is my guide/guru/teacher. What better guru than that?". As expected. Exactly like I describe in my last post. He act like what I described. I even told him the Quran says this and that and he quoted the "hadith" says this and that. Seriously man! Quran V Hadith? A sane judge wont accept that in court because of the obvious reasons. Let me make it more obvious for you;

"The words of GOD, versus the words of hearsays"

At least someone should have the courtesy to present the hadith like, "I learn from this teacher that he read from this text from this book that this one guy says that he heard the prophet says this and that." rather than, "the prophet says this and the prophet says that.". It's just plain wrong. Maybe I can understand what the 'teacher' is saying but does the presenter understand that? Does the public understand that? The public would then just go around and say, "the prophet says this and that" rather than "I heard this guy says this and that". I actually feels upset, sad. In my opinion, if that person can actually present it properly like what I said above, he could actually realize the magnitude of absurdity of his own references. Maybe we can try to learn that phrases and feel stupid ourselves. Repeat after me;

"I learn from this teacher that he read from this text from this book that this one guy says that he heard the prophet says this and that."
-Ammar Zufar (said it and feeling stupid)

Yeah! I owned that quote! Kidding. It's for all of you. I claim and own nothing. Praise be to ALLAH!

Bear a little more babbling from me eh? This guy that I mentioned above, he also said that the English translation/interpretation itself might be wrong. Maybe he thought that the Englishmen translate that(Wow!, that's racism man!). If only he just click the reference links that I put extra effort putting it there. Seriously, posting is a hard work! Come on! Iqqra' guys! Read, do some more research. I am not telling lies. Just sharing my knowledge. Somebody(*cough*my wife*cough*) even told me that the warning I just made is quite ridiculous. Now it's proven that I'm not wrong to put it there. Oh well!

BTW, if you haven't realize it yet, the worlds that I babble about in this post, that's hidden knowledge,
'al-Ghaib'. Now it's not ghaib to you. What do you want to do with that knowledge? I prefer to share.

Till the next post. Salam.

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