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Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Who the fuk is justin bieber??

a boy who has not hit puberty yet and has a girl's voice and fucking popular.. i dont know y ppl so luv him and adore him.

all fucking-not-reach-puberty-yet-boy sounded like justin beiber. without the lipstick and makeups and girlie hair of corz. OMG.. d fucking media and their gangs again has exploited the perspectives of girls-again! y d fuck all d girl is so fucking easy to be manipulated? handbags, high heel, big boobs(or penis) not a sexist here. men are also being manipulated and stuff, but not as easy as girls. dont get al worked-up on me, im just stating my views here.

back to justin beiber. y d fuck he needed to b made into a girl? hes a boy 4 god sake. and when he hit pube, he'l jus b like any other guy(if he dont go for the sex change of course!). many girls has this assumption(im assuming):owh, he looks lik a girl, talks/sings lik a girl, thus he myb would not b lik other man.WRONG!! he's a man-to-be and he's gonna b a man. and like the man you already know, is such an A-HOLE.
(and yes im a man). guys, dont hate me. thats juz another words/definition/perspective. u have to accept it. i know i do.

i wonder(juz wondering), if maybe, im wrong. maybe, justin beiber is sick and he'l b like that 4 d rest of his life.. hmmm... then again, nothing is absolute except GOD. He and his wills..

owh well, i dont blame justin bieber. he's just being used like Jonah Brothers, miley, britney, madonna et al. just another "idol" to b worshipped 4 some time and poofs! gone by the wind. they got IDOL since the begining of civilization and till the end. just remember, them IDOLS only used to keep u all in ur places. keeping u on a dream-way.wishing for the non-existant. JB is just another kid and another item. nothing to fuss about him. dont love him, dont hate him. just stick to your own real boyfriend and b happy. treat JB as just another movie, lots of other movies to come. and my movie ends here for now. till the next screening..


honey said...

haha so much 4 j.b wont b long cuz whn he's hit puberty gone with d girly voice..n d girly image hopefuly..haha

honey said...

owh i hope i dun get killed by his fans 4 dat 4 d record i lik his songs myslf.but he's not my type..haha

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