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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


from WIKI :


Reporters Without Borders Internet censorship ratings. No censorship Some censorship Country under surveillance from Reporters Without Borders Internet black holes (most heavily censored nations)"

"Internet censorship is control or suppression of the publishing or accessing of information on the Internet."

"In some cases, Internet censorship may involve deceit. In such cases the censoring authority may block content while leading the public to believe that censorship has not been applied. This may be done by having the ISP provide a fake "Not Found" error message upon the request of an Internet page that is actually found but blocked (see 404 error and Cleanfeed (content blocking system))."


  • Porn sites

Such as & are blocked without any notice or reason."

from :

"New laws could be introduced to prevent bloggers spreading "disharmony, chaos, seditious material and lies", domestic newspapers quoted Kong Cho Ha, a technology minister, as saying."

"But in any case, the sort of free expression and debate blogs allow would never be likely to thrill the government in Malaysia, which already has some of the strictest media censorship laws in the world."

from : I

"i think that Malaysia is full of bullcrap politician. y? bcoz they obviously says one thing, and do the other. do they think we r dat stupid? maybe some of us r stupid enough, but theyre enough of us that are not. now talking bout internet censorship;

first of all, y censor?
secondly, y deceitfully censoring the internet if the censorship is just and rationalised?
and thirdly, y do they deceitfully censor one or two pornographic sites, and not censoring the rest? (dont go and bullshit me saying "we cant censor all bla3.. bulcrap. there's a firewall program e.g. Bluecoat bla3..(google urselv), that can censor alot more sites than the government already deceitfully censored. I know, coz i surf porn too!! )

i read a news article(i forgot which malay paper) saying that Tun Dr. Mahathir have a view on censoring pornography and shit. he wants more censorship. i said(to myself), go for it. and thers a lot of educated scholars and thinkers who supports it.and i swear by god, i can guarantee that most malaysians agree to that(not that i and the rest cant proxy for porn). at least by censoring/blocking the access to this sites can make the noobs having hard time (not "hard" time, lol) to get the pornographic materials and if they still do wna indulge the temptations, they can at least b a smarter malaysians by learnig stuffs like hacking, proxifi-ing, tunelling and bla3...

im not a programming or telecomunication major, but i do learn a lot of programming(which i dont apply that much) and a lot more of the computer mumbo jumbo. and i do know how shitty is the government effort on handling their so called "just" censoring. i dont realy care what the do and when they do it. i just care that what ever the f'ing thing that they do, they do it with full justification, and rationalization and for the love of god, do it right!!!

u want to ban, censor, creating lies etc... i dun care a F!! just do it wisely. theyre a lot of fools wanting to be fooled, and im not one of em. quoting Barney Stinson on HIMYM,

"..people don't hate to be lied, Ted, they love it, they just don't like to know that they'r being lied too..."

maybe i didnt quote it exactly like he said, but thats about what the meanings goes. and i totaly agree..

all in all, im livin in a bull-full country, thus full of bulls' craps. cant there b just one smart leader amongst us that can actualy give a very good lie and get away with it? if there r any, il surely vote 4 him. i dont like being lied to, but at least i can likely have a better living with peacefull fools than and angry-solid-fool-mobs.

I love peace and my family. May peace b upon u all.. (O_0)V

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