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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


wtf is dat?
is it a feeling dat one has? is it a chemical rxn in d body dat made u fl tickle in funny places? or its realy a wrd dats unxplainable? u tel me..

base on my xp, i knw dat love wont drive smoothly in a one way street. it has 2 b 2 way.. it can b lik n intrnt connection. u can have many sent packets n no received packets, but u realy dun wnt dat, or do u?

whn do love occur?
"i love u", said a gurl 2 a boy.(4 sur im talkin bout d 8th st. aka straights!!)."but i dun love u, at all..", d boy replied.

do d gurl realy loves d boy lik she said? do d boy realy hates her?

in a context wher d gurl's only a golddigger, thers no love 4rm d gurl. if d boy got into sum kinda mess n dun wna get d gurl involves, he 4 surly said he hates her(to get her not involve dumbass!!)..

how do we knw its ther?
we dun.

loves wil nva reveal itself. its stays in d heart.even if a guy died 2 wut seemd lik protecting a gurl he luv, he myb juz wnt 2 get himslf dead bcuz he has 2 much problem in dis world n wnt n easy way out.or, if a gurl kill a man while he's aslp,she myb juz wna pul d plug cuz her lover cant take much mor pain 4rm a terminal ilness.

how do we make it work?

this is wher it comes 2 trust, hope and faith..

trust-u thnk he/she wud do, ul fl bad if its not done d way u thnk
hope-jus wishin its done lik u wntd.its ok if it dun.
faith- dun cre wut he/she do, its rite. it cant b wrong. eva..

wel,d answr is obvious now. hav faith, dats whn true love sparks..

Bender (Futurama) quoted:

"..And love doesn't share itself
with the world.
Love is suspicious, love is needy,
love is fearful, love is greedy.
My friends, there is no great love
without great jealousy."

p.s. not evrybdy nd sparkling loves, diamond is beautiful, but it cant gives out energy lik coal does. theyr both stil carbons tho..

1 comment:

honey said...

agreed 2 all..these r all true
i thnk bout dis evryday.i do thnk that love is chem rxn,then u cn fall in lov nytime,2 d same n difrnt prson.i gues it is d application of physics law 2-d law of conservation of energy,rxn force,opposite attrction,equilibrium,univrsal gravitation..well i'll stop b4 im writin a nu-kinda-post n not comment

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