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Friday, August 29, 2008

HEART Transplant

Heartbreak nybdy? if any of u guyz eva experienced it b4, its realy2 hurt. esp d 1st few times u got it. it feel realy2 hurt, ur heart, obviously.. so.. dis argument can lead us 2:

if ur hurt real bad(heartbroken), and u can do a heart transplant,
u can posibly transfer d hurt with ur heart!!

4rm my point of view.. dats true. d hurt transfering part dat is. dun hav 2 transfer d heart. wont change a thing.. eva heard d law of conservation of energy? wel, d law actualy implies 2 heartache. it cannot b created, cant b destroyd, but can only change it form n transfer. or smthn lik dat..

im talkin bout dis topic bcuz iv experiences wit dis kinda stufz. if u wnted 2 mend a broken heart(not necessarily causd by u), u shud hav d strength 2 absorb d pain. take it away, and inflict it upon urslv. if u dun fl d pain, u cant take it away.

4 dis 2 hpn,u hav d b extremly self sacrificing. u shud hav not 1 bit of selfishnes inside u. u hav 2 listen totaly 2 d person u wntd 2 heal. by listen doesnt mean agreeing, take note of dat. by not bein selfish is, u cant hope or wish nybdy wud pity u, or care bout u, at dat moment. come on, its juz dat moment(ul fl lik 4eva)..

2 make it simple, its realy a 1 way street ur goin in2. if eva ur goin d wrong way, d trafic wil try 2 avoid u, totaly. who in d rational mind wudnt? it s very easy, simple. u actualy dun hav 2 do nythn(except feeling constant pain in d heart while u tryin 2 cmfrt em). nuff said.. got d basic covered. gudluk guyz..!!

1 comment:

honey said...

sum might die tryin 2 tke a painful heartbreak all d time..sum nva healed n jus closed up n sealed,protecting it 4rm gettin hurt again..howeva d ending,a soul who can heal a broken heart is priceless 2 me,n i ustand wit dat such powerful ability,come a great misery..

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