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Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Real Satan

This text contains knowledge that is implicit in nature. If you don’t want your feelings to be stirred, dreams broken, and bubble burst, stop reading. If you’re fine with that, carry on, my wayward son!

The Real Satan

"He" May Not Actually Be As What You're Made To Believed 

From when human first learn to understand “words” and “speeches”, that is when human are more prone to be guided, or be “guided” by creatures and beings that human may or may not understands, beings, which may their very existence, be doubted or very so, unrealized. They may be real, and yet, they may not. Thus, this begs for the word “real” itself to be redefined, as so, all the other words that born from the human tongue. Is it not that the words should have brought the human minds to peace and serenity? Or is it actually a weapon of mass destruction? What is occurring to you now is merely just an event to “show” you that we are being blinded by the “lights”, that we thought are guiding us to peace, but the peace that we seek did not seem to come by.

What do I mean by “real”? 
What do I mean by “guide”? 
What do I mean by “light”? 
What do I mean by “creatures” and “beings”?

Or just simply maybe,

What do I mean by “peace”?

That may or may not be the questions that come up your mind at this very particular moment. It somehow does and does not matter to me, or you, or anyone, or any beings. Just a thought that seems to pass by. What if I ask you another question that starts with, “What if..?”. When will I ask you the question that starts with, “When..?”.  Have you ever wondered?

You should already been treated with that kind of questions every days of your life. You even treated yourselves with that similar treatment. Why are you doing that? The power of “if” and “when”. It’s like a dream.

Do you dream? 
Do you believe in your dreams? 
Are dreams real?

Let us just leave it like that.

When you grow up, would you be groaned up? 
If you become rich, how far is your reach? 
When you are sick, who do you seek? 
If you become someone else, would that make the world a better place?

Just stop trying to figure out the answers. If it is not happening now, it is not happening. We are being treated with events and events and events. Nothing happened in the “past”, nothing will happen in the “future”, it’s just the present. Or at least that are the things within our reach. Can you change the event that had happened? Can you change the event that is not happening? Think all you like, but the events that are not happening here and now, are not happening. The acceptability of the events in the “past” and “future” is as same as the acceptability of these current arguments. So I posed back the “earlier” questions with “answers”;

When you grown up, would you be groaned up?
Are you actually grown up?
If you become rich, how far is your reach?
Are you actually rich?
When you are sick, who do you seek?
Are you actually sick?
If you become someone else, would that make the world a better place?
Are you actually someone else?

And now we get back to the question;

Are dreams real?

That is for you to judge. For if you think the dreams are real, the questions with “if” and “when” can be treated as relevant. Or you could just simply take drugs. Or are you not on it, yet?
Have you awakened yet? Do you not see now? Why does this relevant to you? Did I ever mention this as relevant? You are the judge. Or you prefer not to be? Is it not good to judge? Is it good to not judge?
Can we act if we not judge?
“Oh! I am seeing someone with huge red boggling eyes with a huge knife running straight for me“
Let us not judge him shall we? Or you might want to reconsider? I think we can act accordingly if we judge accordingly. But nevertheless, sometimes, we need to judge, to act. The other times, we could just be under “influences”. Dreams, delusions, drugs, Devils? Whatever suits your needs?
Where does “if” and “when” comes from? What actually are “if” and “when”?

“If”, when used, begs for the communicator to “create” an event that is not actually happening.

“When”, when used, begs for the communicator to “create” an event that is not actually happening.
When someone questions your believes in dreams, you may want to ask them about their usage of “when” and “if”. A lot of people claimed that dreams are not real. Maybe they’re right, maybe they’re wrong. But if it’s not real, can it affect you and me and all the people that surround the dreamer? For what I can notice, this world are built on dreams of the people from the past (that if they ever existed). How to prove that the past is real? Pictures? Documents? Where are the people? Graves are not people. Skeletons are not people.
Have you ever have those dreams, that when you “woke up”, you never realize that you are still dreaming until you actually woke up? Dreams within dreams. Are you not still dreaming? Didn’t I ask you whether you are awakened yet? Are you awakened now? You can never realize it until you are actually awoken.
Or are you the type that actually realizes that you are dreaming, when you are dreaming? Maybe you are not sure that you are dreaming, but you doubted your “awakeness”. Nevertheless, what are you going to do? How do you judge? Or you prefer not to judge?

Are you afraid? Of what? Your dreams? I have heard somewhere before from someone that claims this world is just an illusion. What do you think? Are dreams not an illusion?

Why are there so many questions in this text? I need answers! Do I? Do you? How to get answers? You don’t have to have proofs to have answers. You only need to believe in yourselves. Or should I rephrase that. You can only believe in yourselves. That is the only possibility existed. Or maybe not. But it sure is practical. And logical. And rational. And totally justified.

And that’s the end of it. Or maybe not. Like I always said, “There is always more”.  And you would ask, “What about our belief and faith in God?”. People always talk about believing in God. What kind of belief are we talking about? Do you believe in the “promises”? Believe in the concept? Believe in the existence? What is the truth? The truth are hitting back at your head with a “bang”! People said God exist. People also said that God doesn’t exist. People also said that God exist but have forsake us. Who to decide which is the truth? Your father told you to believe, so you believe? Your grandfather? Your great grandfather? Are you no better than everybody else? Saying others are wrong and you are right, when you only follow blindly what your father told you to believe?
“Oh, Dear God, Please save me from the punishment that you have judged upon me. I have not known that I was in the wrong. I was just being an obedient son. Following what my father has willed for me, and what had his father willed before him. Cursed be thy father’s father, who has led me in the wrong. “
Do you think that God will accept such a request? What about the mind that he gave us? What about the ability to judge right from wrong? When do we apply that? What about the signs in the earth? In the sky? And wherever in between? And beyond? What about the people that gives you advices? What about the warners? Are you not able to judge?

Maybe you are busy living a life, pushing everyone aside, so you could stride through? Or simply you are just plain lazy, cuddling yourself by the comfort, which are named, “family”? Or you have not the liberty, because of the bondage that you commit? Name it, spouse, finance, deeds and deals. To whatever that you bend down and kneel. Is that within your ideals?

You would dare kneel to other than your God? Your father, your mother, your brethren, the sultans? Pleading allegiance to your country, the nation, the Devil and his legions? What is wrong with us that we cannot see, the truth in which the lies conceal? What is it our soul is worth, the gems, the jewels, all the gold in earth? But only the “paper” that we seek, no shines no glitter, to them we’re weak. Wake up, stand tall, let us rise from our fall, together shall we reveal it all.

To cower in cover, is it wrong, to follow? I do not know, I can’t decide for all. Giving you insights, bringing you the light, but darkness is always on the other side. For what is good and what is bad, are all from God, all that we ever had. Whatever that we had, we should be glad, for everything is in God’s sight. His judgments are just, the plan he devise, to understand with our head, is not suffice. All we can do is hope and pray, for the entire predicament to go away. Or is there another way? Let us all do what me must, and if something not right, we should adjust. God will always be with us, from then and now, till eternity, I trust. 

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