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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Reverse Engineer

Everybody knows what an engineer does right? No. Well, to very simply put it, they create a system or mechanism by using materials and energy that they gathered from nature to "solve" "problems". Why I say "solve" and "problems"? Because, by using the theory of "Equilibrium of Life", nothing can actually be changed. It can however be converted to another forms, just like energy. Well, it's only logical because everything is made out of energy. The so called "problems" is only converted to another "problems". Problems for me may actually not be a problem for you.

What is interesting is that the origin of the word according to;


Middle English (denoting a designer and constructor of fortifications and weapons; formerly also as ingineer): in early use from Old French engigneor, from medieval Latin ingeniator, from ingeniare 'contrive, devise', from Latin ingenium (see engine); in later use from French ingénieur or Italian ingegnere, also based on Latin ingenium, with the ending influenced by -eer

Now I know. The purpose of the early engineers is solve the early problems, war. But as you can plainly see, they construct fortifications and weapons. Get it? One problems i.e, war, two "solutions", i.e,   fortifications and weapons, one which trumps the others so that brings the equilibrium back on track. So, generally speaking, they didn't do anything. The war is still there and it's getting more tedious. I thought the engineers are suppose to eradicate the problems. Looks like it's only what I made to believed. Nothing like that in the dictionary.

Actually, the  reality is that engineers are problem makers. Like for instances;

Transportation problems (slow moving, terrain limitation) > transportation created > transportation problems (traffic jams(slow moving is back!), accidents), financial problems (loans, insurance, taxes).

Telecommunications problems (long range, vacuum) > telecommunications device created >  Telecommunications problems (emotions and physical contact not relayed, accidents), social problems (boundaries between people diminishes, discreet relationships, long range explosive devices).

You make out the rest yourselves. Yes, I am lazy, to a certain degree. So, the real question is; Is there any problem solvers out there? If we "solves" problems but only to create more problems, thus that makes us "problems spawn-er", because the problems keep on breeding.

What is it that GOD's trying to proves/show us? That we humans are nothing? What ever that we do is useless? Didn't saw that one coming do you? As a matter of fact, that is exactly what I know and believe in. Do you ever feel that too? Do you keep asking yourselves day by day, week by week, what should I do today? I'm always feeling weak. Yeah you are. You know it. But you didn't realize it. Or you just simply wouldn't want to accept it. You struggle every single day just to make sure you live another day, not caring about anything but yourselves, but for what? What are your purposes? My GOD says;

Surat Adh-Dhāriyāt (The Winnowing Winds) - سورة الذاريات

Sahih International
And I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship Me.

This verse is very popular and oftentimes misused. Well, people don't actually choose to think. They tend to follow and be dictated. And the media is the tool to dictate people who doesn't prefer to think. Even when I'm just posting my opinions, some may accept this as dictation and follow it blindly. Please read the warning.

What is "worship"? Don't just accept when people tell you that it's that thing you do five time a day, where you stand straight, bowing and prostrating etc or putting your hands in front of you facing upwards and says something Arabic that even you don't understands. It's everything that you do while keeping GOD in mind. Maybe we'll discuss more on this at another moment.

Till next time, salam.

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