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Monday, September 24, 2012


Long time no see everybody! Mina-san, konichiwa!

I have been busy, moving from east coast to west coast, and from west to east. So tiring. Now I fell like yelling at the traffic, shouting at the pedestrian, kicking dogs on the sideways, insulting religion... arrrggh!!

Nope. I'm dope. Cool as the drool, not like those ignorant fools, who got glide in their stride, shouting, and screaming, and hitting, and hating, and insulting,  and kicking and "F-ing" killing innocent people.

Come on humans! Time to wake up. Do something about that "angryness" of yours. It's not wrong to feel all mushy and sentimental and got your feelings worked up like the bull that's been kick in their testicles. But why act like one? Are you a bull, or a human? You can't manage your own acts and let your emotions taking over? WTF? Do you know what happens when emotions take over? You don't know, right? It doesn't.

Emotions does not take over. Emotions are mechanism to supply your body with extra energy for certain act that follows previous external input to the human body, e.g., got kicked in the nads, kissed by someone, being insulted, ate good foods etc..

What do you do with the energy? That's the real question? Let me give you an example;

A boy got kick in the nads. He then;

  1. Yell and kicked back (act of violent)
  2. Forgive and hugs the kicker (act of  compassion)
  3. Cry (act of  acceptance)
  4. Did nothing (act of "what!?"/senseless?)
See now? Lot of acts listed. But people tends to opt for option no.1. Why? The media!.. Wow.. Let's not point finger so fast. Let's think first. Why we even bother to act in the first place. Maybe because of this proverbs;

Actions speak louder than words!

Why do we even need to speak loud? refer this proverb;

Empty vessels make the most sound.

Then this questions arises; "Am I an empty vessels?" "Are you?" Think about it! Let me tell you a story about how I think;
  1. An event occured. I got kick in the nads!
  2. A question arises. Why Do I get kicked in the nads?
  3. A series of questions and answers session occur in my head. Who is he? He is my friend. Did I do something wrong to him? I don't think I have. Is he really is the friends that I know? Maybe. How should I response? I can't response if I'm not sure if it's my friend or not. He seems like my friends but he doesn't act like my friend.
  4. I ask to that person. Are you my friend? No!
  5. Start to think again. Why is he kicking me in the nads? He looks like my friend but he don't act like one and he says that he isn't one.
  6. And the thinking won't stop. And I can't act.
Most people would not even reach step 3. Why? Because once they have reach step 3, they won't be acting aggressive or violent. The more you think, the more compassionate you'll get and more thinking gets you act-less. It is like that. Thus can be concluded that the people who gets angry and act violent are either stupid, ignorant, lazy or they just have the affinity of killing people. People kill people because they think they are weak. Thus originates the saying, "kill or be killed". They have a weak mind, thus having a weak control of their own body.

Do you know that there is an entity that feeds of the energy released by the humans emotions? You know it by a lot of names and you can give it a lot of names. Just give one. This entity wants you to get all emotional and hyped up. They survive on it. They need to feed and they feed by your energy. So if you know about it, and you're still hyped-up, you are having it as a pet(belaan). If you don't know and hyped-up, your as stupid as shit. Yes, I am purposely provoking you so you could realize this. Get all emotional, and think! If words can hurt you, then you are extremely weak. You may need to toughen yourselves up. I can tell more about this entity, but your not ready. When your ready, you already know it.I hope you all can know it. It's interesting

Dr. Zakir Naik is coming to town (Malaysia) around the corner. He isn't even here and a lot of you already felt like your balls been kicked to mush. I'm a fan of him sure. But I also disagree with him on many terms. Let him talk. If you think he is being mean and stupid, try to convince him. Talk. Same goes for the Malays/Muslims. Talk to all the preachers and convince them they are wrong, if they are. Don't block them. It'll just show that your are stupid and not understand of your own religion. We are all stupid! Me included! That's why we need to learn to get along with each other, talk with one another;

Surat Al-Ĥujurāt (The Rooms) - سورة الحجرات    

Sahih International
O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and Acquainted. 

Like I always said;

There is always more!
-Ammar Zufar

Till next time. Salam.

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