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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ghost And Other Stories II

Hey All! I'm back.

Wondering about the radio silence? It's just that my ISP have encounter a some kind of technical errors for quite a few days. I pay for internet and I expect them to deliver.. Ooops! I didn't pay for internet. Well, forget about that.

After all the crazy talk and angry riots all over the world about how one Nakoula Basseley Nakoula produce this one film titled Innocence of Muslims, naturally you people expect me to tell my tales of this event. Nope. Not going to do that. Not interested. In fact, I have yet to view said film just like the millions of angry Muslims out there. The people who is responsible for that film is trying to get the Muslims all worked up and go violent(as usual) and let other people(non-Muslim?) decide that what a terrible religion Islam is. I bet even that ambassador that got killed isn't even killed by the general population Muslims.  Maybe some whacko(anybody) got paid or blackmailed to do that and gather the rest(ignorant fools) that blindly go on with the "party". Not going to work on me. Let's get back to the topic.

This is actually a continuation from the previous post. But this time, it's Elvis time! What? You don't know Elvis Presley? Google him. Top rate oldies singer. A legend. Google his mp3 too.
Song title+lyric below;


Elvis Presley She's Not You Lyrics

Her hair is soft and her eyes are oh so blue
She's all the things a girl should be,
but she's not you.
She knows just how to make me laugh when I feel blue
She's everything a man could want,
but she's not you.

And when we're dancing
It almost feels the same
I've got to stop myself from
Whispering your name

She even kisses me like you used to do.
And it's just breaking my heart
'cause she's not you.



Now, for the breakdown of the lyric by lines;


Her hair is soft and her eyes are oh so blue
He describes the girl traits/complexion.

She's all the things a girl should be, but she's not you.
He mention good traits about the girl but also mention that the girl is not "the" girl.

She knows just how to make me laugh when I feel blue,
He mention good traits about the same girl again.

She's everything a man could want, but she's not you.
He mention good traits about the girl (again) but also mention that the girl is not "the" girl.

And when we're dancing, It almost feels the same,
He even mention that the feeling when they're dancing is the same.

I've got to stop myself from, Whispering your name
At time, he even feel confuse whether she is the same girl as "the" girl, or not.

She even kisses me like you used to do.
Even the feeling of intimacy is the same.

And it's just breaking my heart, 'cause she's not you.

He's heartbroken because he knows it's not "the" girl that he is with.


Who knows who's "the" girl that Elvis is singing about? There's a few more songs by him that is referring to the same "girl". Is "she" is real? Is "she" a person? Is "she" is even human? Keep asking question. Let me pose a more simplified question just so you can better understand the message;

Who have the same complexion as you, 
same traits as you, 
feels like you, 
can be confused as being you, 
can give out the same intimacy as you, 
but is not you?

Simple enough? No? It's obviously not your mirror image because it can give out no physical feeling(as far as I know). Obviously not your shadow. Not your twins, because even identical twins have significant differences, especially their traits. Got the answer yet? Easy, someone with MPD! Refer to my previous post for a little explanation. The state of one with MPD can change. It's a new personality for every personality. They can even have different names(like Elvis sings in the above song). I can say that even when somebody is being possessed, the same thing happen. One can even become stronger or weaker. Voices can change too. But if observe carefully, certain details tends to be clear. Especially the eyes. It's real. But as usual, people tends to treat the things they don't know with violence. Come on. "they" can talk too. You people can tolerate sending ambassadors/envoys for warmongers like the Israellis etc., can't you talk to just another "person"? I want to reveal about satan's personality, but not today. As usual, I have clues, just like you guys, and I tend to share.

There's a lot of songs signifying events such as the aforementioned. They are telling the worlds that there are more than just human exist in this worlds, and there are more worlds than we can think of. And they're all real. I'm not telling you all that all these singers relayed their experiences through their songs. Maybe some, but not all. But these experiences conveyed through the songs are real. How do I know? Obviously because I have already undergone said experiences.

Part of the ghaib/unseen has been made clear to me. I thank the GOD, the Creator of all. I'm not telling you to believe me. I don't go on having blind faith towards my GOD, Allah. I used to be blind, just like most of you. It's true that experiences can't be bought, but can only be gained by experiencing them. Keep believing, but don't neglect studying. If you want to know the truth that is. Sometimes I envy the ignorant fools. Their responsibility is lesser than those who already gain much knowledge.

But, like Kansas sings their song, "Carry On My Wayward Son";

"...And if I claim to be a wise man, well It surely means that I don't know..."
ref: Lyrics/Carry On My Wayward Son Lyrics.html

I can say that is the words of a wise man, whoever that Kansas quote from. Sometimes I wonder, "Is Illuminati is the bad guy here?" The are actually enlightened enough to appreciate this messages. I have even heard/learn that they work for satan themselves. Why are they revealing the ghaib? Maybe because they want to put it very close to us so that we can't see it clearly and mock of our stupidity and ignorance? Maybe I'll discuss that that at a later occasion.

Till then, salam.

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