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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Singles 2 - Triple Trouble

iv recently started playing this game(again!!) cos this game realy shows whats life like(socially). got friendship, romanticism, eroticism etc.. im not sayin ul b a party starter or a playboy or wuteva if uv playd dis game. im jus sayin, if u got nthn btr 2 do(in real life), try dis game. its fun. iv downloaded a few mods n addons 4 dis game. its even better.

check out d official forum for d game

i dno why so many germans(no offence) are playin or actualy involving in this game. i dun mind dat but i dun speak or understands germans at all. and almost all d mods n faqs n ref r in germans. sombdy help me!!


apet asseaq said...

How about The Sims ??? Its a simulation of life and its fun ... But dont understand what language are they using ... I mean the sims character ... I wish they make an online game like that with better graphic ...

Ammar Zufar said...

I have played all the Sims series. Like em all. They speak their own language. Sims 3 is the best. All sims can be modded. The developer stuff actually is just so-so. The mods make the game better. Should also try EA Spores. It's literally out of this world.

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